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How do i contact Eastlink broadband internet service?

  • You can contact marketing department in our office at 4226888 or you can just drop name and telephone no. in our email
What are the things I need to have for the broadband connection beside the pc?
  • If the connection is needed for only one PC, you shall have one NIC (LAN) card. For the networked PCs you need to have complete LAN done. We can also provide a router for more efficiency of the link with additional cost. The installation of router not only makes the link more robust but also enhances the connection performance.
Can I still access the emails of other provider with the Eastlink service?
  • Yes. Definitely. You can access and retrieve any emails you have with other service providers without any problems. Vianet gives one POP email free with every Broadband.
Does Eastlink provide Local Area Network?
  • Yes we do provide the service with additional cost. The cost for network cabling is Rs.800 per node within a building. The cost for the faceplates etc. will cost extra.
Is it available where I live?
  • The wireless connection is dependant on the availability of line of sight. Eastlink has the widest coverage wireless line of sight in the valley. If your site is not blocked by a tree or a house to our sites then you can get connected almost anywhere within the valley. You can send your address to Vianet and our personnel will come and check for the line of sight.
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