Most small to medium and enterprise sized businesses require new infrastructure to better manage core human resources information and link to other talent related functions. Many large global enterprises have amassed a spaghetti mix of HR software systems over the past several decades. Custom-built systems, legacy ERP systems, and even spreadsheets are still used by many organizations but are inadequate for today’s dynamic organizations. The proliferation of systems – many of them not integrated because it is too costly to do so – has made achieving a single, integrated view of employee information a nearly impossible task.

Eastlink provides your organization a single source of truth across the breadth of strategic cloud Human Capital Management. Eastlink brings together the classic human resources data and processes with information from the broader strategic HCM processes to give a holistic view of your talent in one place.

  • Talent Portal: provides the core platform services of centerpiece capabilities (Talent Profiles, Employee Records, Competencies, Job Profiles, and Reports)
  • Eastlink HR Management is an enterprise-class human resources management system (HRMS) that centralizes, consolidates, and integrates core HR information into a definitive employee system-of-record. Built to leverage Eastlink’s Cloud technologies and as part of the industry’s most complete talent management platform, Eastlink HR Management enables you to:
  • Simplify data management and reduce the cost of integration by centralizing all of the relevant data required to effectively manage employees
  • Readily meet compliance reporting and auditing requirements by ensuring that historical data is preserved and immediately accessible
  • Protect and secure employee data by configuring rules and permissions for data access, manipulation, and reporting

Key Integration Points:
Eastlink uniquely provides native integrations from HR Management to other core talent management processes in order to support a holistic, end-to-end cloud talent management strategy.

  • Compensation Management: Historical compensation data can be used to guide future compensation and reward decisions
  • Recruiting & Hiring: New hire information, including resume/CV data, can be automatically populated into the employee system-of-record
  • Succession Planning: Historical information regarding past positions and career progression can be used to guide future succession decisions
  • Workforce Management: Integrated across the Eastlink strategic HCM solution, Eastlink Workforce Management provides powerful tools to effectively manage labor rules, ensure compliance, and control labor costs and expenses
  • Payroll & Benefits: As an integrated service into the Eastlink’s strategic HCM solution, Eastlink Payroll and Benefits Management provides efficient, flexible and easy–to-use service well suited for complex environments.