Eastlink Technology Pvt. Ltd. is one of the  reliable, fast, cheapest,best service and support of IT Consulting and Training solutions provider in Nepal. ICT plays a vital role in business strategy, but with technology developing so quickly, and so many complex options available, how can you plan the most effective investment? And how can you ensure that the programs and projects you do choose will deliver their promises on time and on budget? Are you able to ensure that business change is effective and benefits are realized?

Our ICT Consultancy provides practical, jargon free advice to help clients steer a course through this fast changing and often complex area.

All companies at some stage require outsourced expertise to enable them to expand or get better value for money. Our experienced IcT consultants minimize risk that may arise in your business. We are committed to helping our clients make the best business decisions in all circumstances. We are here to help you gaining value on the purchase of new hardware or software, developing an Internet strategy, training staffs and much more. Our ICT consultants can also provide valuable help when you are confused with what could be the best alternative for your business development and ultimately satisfying your customers.

  • We will work in partnership with you to discover what it is that you really need and want.
  • We will not try to shoehorn a fit with our solution to win the business.
  • We will recommend the use of a trusted third-party software where relevant.
  • The overview must include your budgetary and timescale limitations.
  • We provide an overall plan that shows you how the solution will fit together.
  • We will provide a financial plan that discusses the costs and potential risks of the project.
  • If we cannot achieve your minimum requirements within the budget or time scales we will tell you so and try to find alternative solutions.
  • If the scale of the project requires that an additional business analysis be made to deliver the solution, this will be presented in the project plan as a cost.
  • It may not be possible to quote the final cost of a project at the first meeting. We will provide an accurate estimation for the first phase of the project in addition to outlining the estimated costs of future phases.
  • We have satisfied many customers with our ICT consultancy services.
  • We take time to listen you, we gain a full and clear understanding of your business – the objectives, issues, culture and people and we provide recommendation to help you take the right decision.
best internet for business
best internet for business