Eastlink Technology Pvt. Ltd. provides Hospital Management Software for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics,  Pharmacy and Government Hospitals in Kathmandu, Nepal. The hospital management system is an easy to install, ready to run, scalable, affordable and reliable cost saving tool from Software Associates suited for hospitals and nursing homes.

Web Based Hospital Management Information System

Hospital, Clinic, Diagnostic Center, Advanced, power full, flexible complete management software for hospital, clinic and medical institutes. Integrates and facilitates 7 types of user area of a Hospital:

  • Software Modules
    1. Registration:
      1. New Patient Registration ( Name, Address, Gender, Age, Contact, Email, Blood Group, Etc)
      2. Old Patient Registration (Name, Address, Gender, Age, Contact, Email, Blood Group, Etc.
    2. OPD: Vitals, Doctor’s Prescription image, patient history, medicine, etc
    3. IPD: Patient Admission, Deposit, Observing Doctor / Staff, Vital, Diagnosis, pathology test, ward / Bed Allotment, Daily Nursing records, ward shifting, discharge.
    4. Pathology
      • Paid list of test
      • Lab ID no.
      • Sample Collection list
      • Special Test
      • Test Result
  1. Operation Theater
  • OT Patient Registration / List
  • OT Patient Details
  • OT Date & Time
  • OT Team Members
  1. Emergency
    1. Emergency Registration / ID
    2. Normal / Police case
    3. Brought / referral
    4. Vitals
    5. Diagnosis
  1. Billing
    1. Centralized billing where counter may be decentralized.
  2. Blood Bank
    1. Blood group collection pouch in, out, stock available.
  3. Medical record.
    1. Searching IP No wise, department wise, Dieses wise, detailed medical record of patient.
  4. Human Resource Management.
    1. Staff details, post / Level / Department, Contract, permanent, volunteer, agreement details,
    2. Required staffs, Vacancies.
  5. Application security : user wise module authentication,
  6. MIS Reporting
    1. Patient wise reporting (Age wise, gender wise, OPD wise, pathology test wise, etc.)
    2. Account wise (OPD registration wise, Test wise, radiology / surgical income wise, etc)
  7. Document Management System.
    1. Incoming and outgoing letter / document registration.
    2. Letter / Document location, file name, etc.
  8. Responsive Website
    1. Online Registration for EHS, Online pathology reporting system.
  9. Maintenance :
    1. Recording maintenance system of hospital equipments, electrical systems, IT equipment etc.
    2. Maintenance order form.
  10. Master Module.:
    1. In this module every module is controlled. User authentication setup. Etc.
  1. In additional this HMIS software must have following Key features.
    1. User Friendly Graphical interface.
    2. Web based Application System
    3. Compatible for different web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.
    4. Effective search facilities to any type of information related to patient.
    5. Backup system.
    6. System should be able to run on Public IP for monitoring and other support.
    7. 1/1Mbps- Dedicated Optical fiber internet service
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